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Simply awesome

You've went right off the classic scene and brought us a fresh take on Creepers. Story was great, animation was perfect, and the voice is SO very "documentary" style. Loved the idea of the Creeper Tree and Creeper Babies (and that was very Aww-ish, too).

Well done, man. I can't see a flaw on your work.

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I wasn't very amused by most of the entries. Some looked good, but lacked punchlines.

On the other hand, "Ninja" is by far what saves this collab. Well done, there.

FlashfireEX responds:

Thanks for reviewing. :)



Not only this is a massive collection of awesome, the animation quality is massive as well.

Thank you, thank you to all who are responsible for this masterpiece. Thank you for making us smile.

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Very, very, very awesome roguelike platformer. Graphics are good and animations are surprisingly awesome. Music is good, though I'd wish there were more tracks. Many people complain about the random elements, but that's pretty much what a roguelike excels in.

It needs a bit of polish, of course, but this is a great game. Straigh to my favs. Well done!

PestoForce responds:

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed!

Unexpected fun

When I first read the description I thought this was going to be yet another typical puzzle game about having an object reach a specific location/object.

THEN I discovered the mechanic used to achieve such goal.

I was gladly surprised to see such interesting twist in this variety of puzzle games. The mechanic used was very well used and it opens up lots of possibilities. Yes, the game is still quite easy, but that can be improved.

I seriously encourage you to consider a sequel to this. Add more colored potions! Perhaps tweak a bit the graphics. Try adding alternative goals in the levels (time limit, etc). You have something, here.

Good luck, and hope to see an enhaced version. Well done, man.

One point from perfection

I can honestly say that this is one of the best games of this kind that I've ever played. The graphics are nice, the music fits right into the spirit, and there is a true sensation of speed as the paper plane soars through the sky.

What makes me rate this 9 instead of 10, then? The ending. I really would have loved to see the little girl see her mom again. That felt like a severe loose end for me.

Other than that, awesome game.

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